Ever thought of joining an Esoteric group? Here are a few things to remember.

By Danielle Faber

The promises of Happiness, Abundance and Joy are usually the by lines of any group aiming to get you, a searching individual, to bite the bullet and give your time, money and effort to their cause which can either be Good or Bad, depending on your personal point of view and discernment.

As a person who has immersed themselves in this world of Spirit, tried many things, I have noticed key points which can get any striving individual to be ripped apart or built up.

  1. Fancy marketing strategies that mask the reality behind certain practices.

It is all well and good to share tricks of the trade with people and be excited that they are embarking on life changing practices, however when you share, there is a certain responsibility that this entails as all practices, whether seemingly simple in nature have grave effects, depending on the individuals background and personal experiences. This especially goes for Instructors. A sense of humility & honesty, in my experience, is the sign of a true Teacher, more than a pretty flier or a nice outfit and comfortable surroundings, as these take away the essence of the practice and truth in the teaching. Anyone can memorize philosophy, regurgitate information or practice a sequence of exercises, and execute them perfectly, however it takes a true and honest instructor to be open and honest that the spiritual & esoteric path is not a walk in the park and in truth, requires diligent learning and understanding. The Reality - it is a lifelong endeavor that is not about having a perfect life – and if this is your goal, I suggest you reevaluate your understanding and goals.

  1. Allowing beginners to jump right into advanced practices without informing them on the pros and cons.

Since Science and Psychology have proven that there are many different learning styles, it is but ethically correct for Instructors to be sensitive to their students’ needs. A thorough knowledge on the Students background is necessary to guide the student in the most ideal path, as this will avoid pitfalls and challenges. At the same time, this will enable the Instructor to see which level a student should be placed in to give them the most ideal starting point. A good foundation, more than any “fluff” filled promises could be what saves any student from unnecessary pitfalls. If you personally feel violated when being asked personal questions, I will not suggest joining any Esoteric community but first and foremost dealing with your scars. Once dealt with, you will have a better and more grounded experience, allowing your intuition and Guide/s to be clear. Always be honest with yourself – you will thank yourself in the future.

  1. An Instructor, who doesn’t know the history behind practices, is secretive and confusing, who doesn’t follow up and worse yet, get’s angry with you for asking questions.

Every practice is has a history. The world has been developed based on many different belief systems and depending on your own personal experience and background, your Soul holds a blueprint of this. We can go technical, however, I prefer to stick to the practical. If you are the inquisitive type, ask your instructor a question. If they say something along the lines of “It is not necessary to know that” or “That is just mental noise, stick with the teachings”, this is already a sign of brainwashing. Every person has the right to ask the questions, as this is your Soul & Intuition speaking to you. When a person asks a question, they are attempting to find clarity and this, in essence, is a great thing. Again, there are so many Instructors who simply regurgitate information and are actually not what they seem, so when you feel this way, I suggest researching further. A blind follower will be blinded. Try not to fall into this trap.

  1. If you feel uncomfortable about something, don’t denounce this! It is a sign from your Discerning Mind, Soul, your guide, guides or best yet – GOD.

Learn to fine-tune your intuition. Having a fined tuned intuition will keep you from harms way even when you are faced with it head on. Again, there is a difference between outright judgment and judgment through discernment. Discernment is closely linked to your intuitive sense, which allows you to make sound decisions based on your individual needs. If you keep getting a recurring feeling or thought that something isn’t right or is right, listen to this, explore it and then make a sound judgment, then move forward. In cases of emergency, you are at the core of it all, a human being who has faculties to keep you from harms way. Trust your fight or flight response, as this is part of your bodily and mental functions. Bottom line, trust yourself and your Guide, whatever you choose to label it as.

  1. And finally, never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable from the get go.

People may say, you have to Trust and Let Go or give your full attention to get the full effects. This can be true when you feel safe and comfortable. If you do not feel safe, please do not Let Go. Your Intuition is telling you something, learn to listen. Always do your research before jumping into any practice – you’ll save yourself the drama in future.