Mysterium: A Brief History

Starting out as a small group passionate about learning tarot, magick, and psychism, Mysterium Philippines is now the leading authority in the country for Tarot Reading, Psychic Development, Usui Reiki Energy Healing, and more.


Back in 2005, Mysterium started out as an e-magazine, based in Bacolod City, catering to those interested in reading and learning about Esoteric and otherwise New Age arts. Back then, only a few people actually knew what they were doing. No one had prior training nor experience in the fields of esoteric arts, Tarot, and psychism. That, and along with the fact that a lot of people had all the wrong intentions to learn magick, Robert decided he had to step up. He trained Tarot and magick, to small groups of people at a time, and built up a community that still stands today.


When Mysterium founder Robert Rubin moved to Manila in 2008, he opened his first Tarot class in Quezon City. Since then, a handful of people were very proficiently trained in the esoteric arts, Tarot reading, and more.


In October 2013, Mysterium opened its doors to the general public, with its new headquarters, located in Burgundy Place Condominium, along Katipunan Ave. in Quezon City. Mysterium Philippines offered an assortment of courses, such as Psychic Development (now Intuitive Awakenings), Magick in Theory and Practices, Tarot and Divination, and of course, Sarah Salcedo-Rubin's own Reiki: The Art of Divine Healing.


Since then, Robert trained well over a hundred Tarot readers and practitioners. Likewise, Sarah has trained over a hundred Reiki healers. Mysterium Philippines now offers newer, more refined courses, such as Second Level Reiki Energy Healing, Shamanism, Defensive Occultism, and Advanced Tarot and Intuitive Awakenings courses, alongside the basic Tarot, Intuitive Awakenings, and First Level Reiki Energy Healing classes.