Mysterium Paranormal Investigations Team

Within Mysterium Philippines  students of a specialized Paranormal Investigation Team that have been doing paranormal investigations for various cases,people and institutions for the past 3 years. Our investigators have been regular mainstays in GMA 7's Misteryo alongside our founder Robert Rubin who was one of the lead Paranormal Investigators during the duration of that show. 

Those who have concerned parities who have approached us asking for help have come to us seeking our expertese in solving various paranormally inclined issues as haunted houses, cursed items, attacks from rogue occultists, among many others. Various talents within Mysterium Philippines work in teams and and employ different esoteric tools, methods and approaches to give the best possible outcome to all our clientelle. Furthermore the Mysterium paranormal investigation team seeks to combine both Scientific as well as Psychic Methods to aide, detect and in some cases remedy confirmed paranormal occurences

After determining the root cause of the problem, we then offer our services to help remedy the possible problem via esoteric means like cleansing and protection rituals for assured safety of all those involved in our investigations. 

Should you feel you need the assistance of the Mysterium Paranormal Investigation team you may contact us at the following 


Cell: (Globe) 0916-551-1824