Profile: Sarah Salcedo-Rubin

A loving wife, and mother of two, Sarah Salcedo-Rubin has dedicated her life to the study of practice of energy healing. She started her journey in 2008 as a Reiki healer, when she received her Reiki Master Teacher status from Reiki Master Aisa Hewlett, due to the large number of successful Reiki healing she administered during her early days.


Soon after, Sarah, along with her husband Robert Francis Rubin, formed Mysterium Philippines, where she spearheaded the Energy Healing Education department and successfully made Reiki Energy Healing the official Enegy Healing modality of the Mysterium Community.


It was not long until her talents earned her an invitation to teach Reiki, Meditation, and other Intuitive wellness topics at Whitespace Wellness in Quezon City, where she has been a mainstay, and had furthered her education into the healing practices of Yoga.


Sarah's dream is to incorporate Energy Healing into as many lives as she can through public appearances, lectures, workshops, and courses. She also has successfully trained over 400 students through the avenues of Whitespace Wellness and Mysterium Philippines, and will continue to dedicate her life to spreading the warmth and enlightenment of Reiki Healing across the country.