Advanced Tarot Tactics

Mysterium Philippines will be opening its Next Intro to the Tarot course June 21st at 2pm


The Mysterium Advanced Tarot program aims to develop the students esoteric understanding of the Tarot through a non-conventional approach to its esoteric symbology Furthermore it aims to develop the Tarot’s practical uses in daily life.


It is important to note that Tarot scholars around the world share a similar respect to the idea that the tarot’s main function is not just for simple fortune telling but to Provoke Thought. Therefore, the Course focuses on developing a deeper relationship with the cards through the mythical practice of the Tarot. Topics within the course include: Tarot Meditation, Tarot Divination, Tarot Therapy and Tarot Magick. Basic Spreads will also be taught to the students throughout the course’s duration.


The Course fee is 6000.00php for the 5-week long program which is a two-hour long class every week. Graduates of this program are eligible for Mysterium Certification. Course comes complete with learning aides and Certificate of Completion text 0916-551-1824 for reservations and for scheduling.