Mysterium Intro to the Tarot Professional Certification Program

This 6 week long course instills the fundamentals of Tarot practice, marketing and customer relations to help build your career as a professional Tarot reader. This course is the most efficient means of developing yourself as a professional Tarot reader through the guidance and coaching of one of the best tarot readers in the Philippines! Best of all you can choose to learn in person at the Mysterium Center directly under the guidance of Mysterium Founder Robert Rubin himself.


This course will instill upon its attendees


  • A personalized understanding of all suits of the Minor Arcana
  • A Subjective experience with the Major Arcana Cards
  • How to start your professional Tarot practice
  • How to weed out undesirable clientele
  • How to properly price and Market your tarot practice
  • How to control the readings you give to prevent abusive clients
  • How to give daily, monthly and yearly forecasts
  • How to discover your personalized significator
  • Experience tarot readings every session with your classmates and co attendees!


This course is also said to be one of the only programs available in the country that if done properly can PAY for itself by the 3rd week of instruction! So what are you waiting for! Begin your journey as a Mysterium Tarot reader today!

Energy Exchange: PHP 6,000.00 for the 6 week long program