Tarot for Self Discovery

We are all used to using the Tarot as a tool of divination and fortune telling. However this course gives the participants the tools to use the Tarot to gain a deeper understanding and experience with the Tarot related to self-realization.


Topics within the program include but are not limited to:

  • Discovering your Facade, Shadow and Actualized Self using the Tarot
  • Understanding the Masks of the Tarot and how they are experienced and reflected into every day living, a tarot program meant not for reading but for deeper personal discovery this course is a great learning tool for therapists, healers psychologist and all forms of councilors.
  • Using the Tarot to understand your Fears and Personal limitations
  • And of course, The Tarot Hierarchy of Needs!


This is a 1-day intensive program The only requirement is that you bring your own personal choice of Tarot Deck that has the Standard 78 card Format.
Energy Exchange: PHP 3,500.00